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Team Members:
Ron W. Vanzetta; Interactive Multimedia Developer, CTO
Hemp Curator; Current Research, and Product Development

Company Summary:
Virtually Real Applications (VRApp) has been registered as a Sole Proprietorship since Feb. 14, 1997.  Initially designated as a Computer Support Company, focus has changed to include Interactive Media Development for Learning Applications. This Open Resource Project explores the full potential of all Cannabis Treatments.

Mission Goals / Facts:
Over 100 years of scientific research, and applied Cannabinoid Treatment theories, is now available in one easy to use medicinal info-graphic.  In July of 2001, Canadian Health Authorities adopted Medical Cannabis as a valid treatment option for Doctors.

Research and development of possible treatments have grown as a direct result of its acceptance as a medicine ever since then.  The concept of Health Canada’s Vapourizing, and using various Cannabinoid treatment options will be examined here, fully and completely. Expressing the dangers will also be of great importance in describing these possible treatment options.

Based on the popular cannabis research study done by Russo & McPartland in 2001, all Medicinal Cannabinoid boil points, and other Essential compound boil points, have been verified and corrected to produce the most accurate Cannabinoid info-graphic possible.

NOTE: Working closely with your Family Doctor, or Certified Herbal Practitioner, while using any research data is required to avoid any possible prescription-drug interactions.

Product Statement:
The Government Approved (fully-researched) Cannabinoid Vapourizer Temperature Dial is your key to lowering cost, increasing treatment potential, and avoiding harmful side effects.

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